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Embraced by Justine Vuylsteker

( français )

France (2018)

Offshore / ONF


Standing still in front of the open window, a woman stares at the dark clouds that obscure the sky. Immobile, she fights against the remembrances of the past. In the clouds, a passionate embrace appears.

Justine Vuylsteker

The 23-year-old French animation filmmaker, Justine Vuylsteker, first encountered the work of inspiring animation pioneers such as Oskar Fischinger, Berthold Bartosch, Alexeïeff–Parker and others during her art training at ESAAT in Foubaix, France. She made the short film PARIS (2015) using paper, sand, and plants, AS part of the En sortant de l’école collection that paid tribute to French poet, Robert Desnos. She developed her first professional auteur film, EMBRACED, during various residencies in France, and completed it at the NFB in 2017. Also, Vuylsteker posts occasional essays about animation and her creative process on the Web.