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Whims for screen and videoprojector

( français )

The Saturday afternoon is a moment of relaxation after the projection of the diaporamas of the competition, and before the stress of the reading of the prize list at the end of evening. We tried to build a program amusing and interesting, program which throws a symbolic bridge between young children’s imagination of Epinal and glance of one " hardly less young " who live farther, somewhere else, under the sun...

Two subjects to the program of this session:

1. Projection of diaporamas realized from digital drawings created by the children of the primary schools of Epinal (11 or 12 years old) for a competition organized by the City of Epinal. On about fifteen tackled issues over the years, we selected some to restore life to drawings height of charm and inventiveness.

2. "A different glance on the image ". That of one competitors 2010, who is also photographer, film-maker and poet, and who presents the peculiarity to have obtained awards in every domain. We shall dedicate a moment of this afternoon to discover its vision through some of his works.