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The "big screen of the memory"

( français )

"The big screen of the memory" grows bigger once again this year with new works to show. They will be presented first, matched by anecdotes or by comments, then the audience will have the chance to choose the rest of the program...

Indeed, "the big screen of the memory" is constituted by ancient slide shows (even very ancient) of argentic origin, having topped prize lists of lots of festivals. They were digitized either by their author, or by the team of the Festival of Epinal, and will be shown in optimal conditions.

In the past, the festival-goers were for example able to rediscover a whole piece of the slide show heritage through as diverse works as Motorway de Colin Balls and Peter Coles, Deb Finley, eastern sector , of Christian Sontag, La vie qui tourne or Le Dieu aveugle of Marcel and Nelly Pigeon, L’alphabet du Chili of Yves Cleuvenot, or still Mémoire de Saché of Robert Thuillier...

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover - or to rediscover! - the masterpieces of the past, screened in perfect conditions!